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Houldsworth Mausoleum

The story of the Houldsworth Mausoleum is not remarkable in itself, but it served as an ideal project when it came to learning how to use Libreoffice Impress (presentation software) and KDenlive, (video editing software).

I know very little about Linux and although I’ve had MS Office 2000/2003, I never learned to use Powerpoint. But Libreoffice is very good and I felt at home using Writer and Calc – and So I decided to do this little project, more especially, to learn how to use Libreoffice Impress. It took a week or two, but I really enjoyed learning new things.

I could not have attempted this video without the excellent tutorials on YouTube, notably those posted by, twildottv and Tutoringby Pop. I’m also grateful for the excellent screencasting python program,…

The WF gravestone was created using Paintshop Pro 7 running in Linux via Wine, using the cutout technique as shown here:… The graveyard scenes were also created in PSP 7.

The fake gravestone was superimposed on an empty spot in the graveyard.

The two audio files were accessed via KDenlive’s online resources:

Halloween — Graveyard At Night – Howling Wind by mistersherlock… (Creative Commons O License)

Lightning Strike wav by Parnellij… (Creative Commons O License)

I hope you enjoyed this little video and comments are welcome. There’s lots of articles and photos from old blogs I used to run, so there’s plenty of material there for some more videos.


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