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The Upside Down Knight

Draw what you see

If the left side of your brain does not know what you’re drawing, then it can’t influence your hand movements to draw pre-conceived shapes from memory, since it has nothing to refer to.

Page 64 of Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain instructs you to turn the drawing on the left upside down and draw the empty space, not the shape you see.

I was astounded when I finished my drawing and turned it right side up, as you can imagine.

I used a standard HB pencil.  The bold contrast with the thicker lines was created in Paint Shop Pro 7, using a strong contrast setting.

As to Betty Edwards’ left side/right side brain theory….

Since the most current research data do not support Edwards’ R-mode versus L-mode theory, her explanation of how the drawing exercises work is more likely just a useful analogy rather than an actual description of brain activity. It would be wiser not to make unsupportable claims about neuroscience, but to emphasize only that the student must learn to see ordinary objects in a different way. This rationale alone is sufficient and would not detract from the success of the technique as a whole.

Read the whole article by clicking this link Drawing on an Outdated Theory?



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