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My First Drawing on Galaxy Tablet

It takes a while to get used to drawing on a tablet.  The stylus pen tip slides across the screen too quickly and it’s very hard to draw straight lines.

I’ve no idea what the object is at the bottom left of the drawing, since I don’t have the original photo (I saved this drawing a couple of weeks ago).  It looks like a boat on top of a hill, although your guess is as good as mine as to how it got there.

Cliffshore is the title, but it could be anything.  I chose to use the pen setting only on SketchBook.  The purpose of the drawing was to get used to the stylus pen, but it certainly lacks shading.

If I find the photo again, I’ll try another drawing using pencil settings and shading and spend a lot more time on it.

Don’t be cruel – I’m learning, remember?

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