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Introducing Mr Frankfield #1

I’ve now started to piece together a storyline for a future animation, which is way beyond my skill level just now, but is something I am aiming for. The characters have already been created along with the time and place.

This is my first drawing of Mr Frankfield, who will be the main character in all my stories (and is my pen name).  The drawing is loosely based on my terrible sketch of Mr Gladstone, but there were certain features that I liked, which I have incorporated in the present drawing.

Over the next few days and weeks I will amend the character and sketch him in various poses, dressed in Victorian clothes.  I’ll be taking a break from the storyline while I practise drawing faces and bodies.  I’ll be studying the books of Andrew Loomis and doing the exercises.

Not an easy task for someone like me who can only draw wobbly lines, but hey, I’ve got time on my hands and as long as I enjoy it – I’ve got nothing to lose.

I’ll be posting a story featuring Mr Frankfield in the next few days, along with some photographs. The first part will be a work of fiction, the second part will have some historical facts.


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