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The Beached Dolphin

Do not adjust your screen – no it’s not a dolphin – it’s supposed to be a pear!

I’m finally settling down to some drawing work and I’ve joined a weekly art class, the first session was today.  The tutor is very good and approaches drawing in a more easy-going laid back way, encouraging you to ‘feel’ what you’re drawing and to be more free flowing.

After initially limbering up by making ‘marks’ on the paper (doodles to me), we settled down to do our first drawing, as below. . . . .

Shading's not bad, but the shape is all wrong
Shading’s not bad, but the shape is all wrong

At the very start of the lesson the tutor emphasised the importance of shape, a concept I seemed to have ignored.  I was so eager to try out the new shading technique that I’d just learned, that I completely forgot to make sure the outline shapes were correct and in proportion.  I’m usually more careful and fret that the size and shapes are not correct in any drawing I do, but I felt more relaxed today and quite frankly, it didn’t really bother me.

I reckon a few more tweaks at the pear and I could really make it into a dolphin.

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