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The Dolphin Revisited

An apple and pear (HB Pencil)
An apple and pear (HB Pencil)

A much better effort than Thursday’s attempt. The pear looks more like a pear now.  It’s a bit flat at the top, but I don’t think I could correct it.

This is a new way of hatching for me, but it works better and draw away from the outline, whereas before I sometimes crossed over and it took away the shape.

The original on the left was printed from the previous photograph I took.

I notice I tend to draw smaller than the original object, as per the photo above. One other problem I had was that the original I copied from was not available and the photo on the right was taken from my smartphone. It was the best I could do to brighten it.

Since this drawing was scanned in, you’d hardly notice that I used plain copier paper.  At this early stage of my drawing journey,  I will use any medium for practising.  I will use good quality paper as my drawings get better.

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