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Charcoal Drawing 2

Charcoal was never my favourite medium, but having redrawn the exercise I did last Thursday in the art class, I’m beginning to appreciate the qualities of charcoal – the depth of dark and grey, the texture (on good quality paper). 

Charcoal drawing 2
This was my third attempt at this drawing, the first was too small and the second is below.

I must confess that I had great difficulty in drawing a straight line, which is essential if you’re trying to draw the outline of a bottle or a goblet.  In the end I resisted the temptation to use a pencil, but used my ruler to draw a light line in charcoal.  Although the outline drawing was not perfect, I felt that this was ok, it felt right, so I continued.

What also helped was looking at the empty spaces between the pear, bottle and goblet.  It made it easier to keep the correct distances between the objects.

Charcoal drawing 2
The drawing on the left was my second attempt, which I abandoned after numerous corrections and running out of time.

It was an interesting experience used charcoal and since I’ve bought in my own thin charcoal sticks and quality A3 drawing paper, I will try to get used to this medium and do one extra drawing a week with it.

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