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Introducing Fearless Francis

This is some work I did some years ago, which I thought had got lost.  I came across it recently.

Fearless Francis is a little boy living in Glasgow in the late 1950s. He lives in a fantasy world, playing in the tenement streets and backcourts, having all sorts of imaginary adventures…….but they are more like mishaps!

Children growing up in these old run-down Glasgow tenements did not know that the poor sanitary conditions and low pay endured by their parents contributed to ill health and low living standards.

A young healthy child like Francis only knew that fun could be had with his friends among the discarded furniture, abandoned cars, tin cans to use as footballs or climbing up small outhouses in the backcourts. Children did not need expensive toys to play with, just their imagination.

This introduction has 4 short stories:

The Martian Invasion Of Cubie Street

The Phantom Jobby Flinger

Gunfight On The Auchenshuggle Express

The Graveyard Game

Read these stories online – they’re very short. NOTE – the links to the short stories don’t work, but you can still click through the pages using the page arrows at the sideIntroducing Fearless Francis

Written by F J Harrigan


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A Band Called Quinn – DIY

A Band Called Quinn are an electronic indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland.  Their clever use of the media using stills, video and music have created notable musical tracks.  I’ve always been a fan.  This is my favourite video.

More Information about A Band Called Quinn

For the band’s webpage:


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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world’s largest arts festival and takes place annually in Edinburgh in the month of August. This year we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and 70 years of fringe as a worldwide movement with more than 200 sister fringes now established around the world. The Fringe […]

via 70 years of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe — University of Glasgow Library

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Introducing Mr Frankfield #1

I’ve now started to piece together a storyline for a future animation, which is way beyond my skill level just now, but is something I am aiming for. The characters have already been created along with the time and place.

This is my first drawing of Mr Frankfield, who will be the main character in all my stories (and is my pen name).  The drawing is loosely based on my terrible sketch of Mr Gladstone, but there were certain features that I liked, which I have incorporated in the present drawing.

Over the next few days and weeks I will amend the character and sketch him in various poses, dressed in Victorian clothes.  I’ll be taking a break from the storyline while I practise drawing faces and bodies.  I’ll be studying the books of Andrew Loomis and doing the exercises.

Not an easy task for someone like me who can only draw wobbly lines, but hey, I’ve got time on my hands and as long as I enjoy it – I’ve got nothing to lose.

I’ll be posting a story featuring Mr Frankfield in the next few days, along with some photographs. The first part will be a work of fiction, the second part will have some historical facts.


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Tabletop Zentangle

I retrieved my tabletop drawing board from the cupboard and decided to put it to good use practising my relaxing Zentangles with pencils.  They really are relaxing, I found myself completely stress-free drawing away and listening to some cheesy Smooth Radio music in the background.

At first, I found it awkward to get used to the angle of the drawing board but after a while it became easier.  I used A3 copier paper – I see no point in wasting good drawing paper just for pencil exercises.

My lines are still wobbly, but I’m getting better.  The black area is a disaster, I kind of got carried away with the 4B pencil.

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Sketching For People Who Really Can’t Draw by Stefano Bellucci Sessa

Why you (think you) can’t draw.

The main difference between illustrators and you, is simply because they think they can. Being able to draw is not about technique and style, but about confidence.

This is a fantastic introductory tutorial for beginners and I suggest you try the simple exercises.

Make some spare time and visit this webpage:  Sketching For People Who Think They Can’t Draw

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Wobbly Zentangle

Now you know why my blog is called Wobbly Lines.  This zentangle was drawn with my ‘good’ right hand a few months ago and you can see I lack control of the straight or smooth line.  But by practising these zentangles and other exercises, I intend to improve.

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Left-Handed Zentangle

When I was a lad (many moons ago), I started primary school being naturally left-handed.  The teachers at the time soon knocked that out of me and I was forced to write with my right hand.  Ever since my handwriting has been terrible and despite trying to go back to being left-handed, I’m afraid too many years have passed.

For this drawing experiment, I created a very simple zentangle with my left hand.

For more on zentangles, visit this site: