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Depreciated Blog

This blog will no longer be updated so I can spend more time practising my drawing.

Examples of my work will be on my personal Facebook page.

Thanks to my followers for their support – good luck in the future.

Frank Harrigan (Wishart Frankfield)

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My First Drawing on Galaxy Tablet

It takes a while to get used to drawing on a tablet.  The stylus pen tip slides across the screen too quickly and it’s very hard to draw straight lines.

I’ve no idea what the object is at the bottom left of the drawing, since I don’t have the original photo (I saved this drawing a couple of weeks ago).  It looks like a boat on top of a hill, although your guess is as good as mine as to how it got there. Continue reading “My First Drawing on Galaxy Tablet”

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St George’s North Church: Greenock

Draw what you see

Inspired by Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book, I drew this about 3 years ago from a photo I took on my smartphone.  The darkened top area of the drawing was unintentional – I photographed the drawing and tried to make the contrast darker using Paint Shop Pro 7.  It came out the way you see it.  I quite like it that way. Continue reading “St George’s North Church: Greenock”