A line is a dot that went for a walk.  (Paul Klee)

I’ve just retired and I have decided that as I have more time on my hands, I want to learn to draw.  Now I am absolutely useless at any sort of art. My only good points are writing and maybe jiggling with images on the computer.

According to some books and videos, you can learn to draw and that’s what I’m here to do. So on these pages you’ll see my progress .  I tried 3 years ago to settle down into a routine to practise my drawing, but eventually gave up.

I’m primarily interested in pencil or pen, black & white. Not so keen in colour, perhaps because, although not colour blind, I do have problems with determining if certain shades are either blue or green.

Animation?  Oh yes, I’ve set myself a challenge — to create an animated short story using Rough Animator on my Galaxy Tab A, or any other device or app that becomes available during this ‘journey’.

You’ll notice that there is a Scottish theme throughout this blog.  I’m fortunate to live easy travelling distance to some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, so I’ll also be posting photographs, sketches and short stories about this wonderful country.

Still on a Scottish theme, I’ll posting stories about Fearless Francis, which are written by F J Harrigan.


Feel free to criticise or offer helpful tips.

Wishart Frankfield

If you want to contact me directly, please use the form below.

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